Wednesday, October 31, 2012

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Living A Childhood Before Modern Technology

Are you someone who had the pleasure of having a childhood before modern technology hit the market?

Did you create memories of being told by your parents to go outside to play and be back by dinner time?

Did you and your friends use your imagination to come up with ideas of what games to play or where to go to climb trees, laugh and share stories?

Did you play handball, soccer, basketball, softball/baseball, hockey or football until you had no more physical strength and could barely walk home?  I had the pleasure of growing up in such a time and I look back and thank my lucky stars that I know life before modern technology hit the market.

Childhood Memories Before Modern Technology

I remember when watching television was a treat.  Either I as a young child who could not wait for Donny and Marie to be on the tube or could not wait to watch a television special with my parents/grandparents.  Watching television was a treat and something special.  No recorders in cased you missed it but time spent together that had to be planned and the next day at school everyone would be talking about the TV show or special that aired the night before.  Times have changed so much.  Now anyone can watch almost anything if they have a mobile device with a Internet connection.

Another very happy time I remember is when there was a snow storm.  Me and my friends would get bundled up and go play out in the snow for endless hours.  Our parents had to head out in the snow to find us and ask us what the hell we were doing?  You could not get us to sit inside for anything.  Sitting inside just was not an option growing up.  If you spent a day inside it was because you were sick and resting to get better.

Yeah, when I was a child sitting home was not an option but now parents think of any idea to interest their children to get them to go outside to be active.  I have friends who put a time limit of how long their children can play on their computers, Xbox or whatever else is the popular electronic game of the week.  Kids now need to be told get off the smart phone or turn off the computer and get outside.  No wonder children have such a hard time socializing and communicating their thoughts and feelings not to mention the obesity problem.  They never do so they don't know how to act in groups setting.  In this day and age it takes a lot of work of a parent to plan their kids activities to keep them active out and about.

Do you have a story to share of how you remember life before modern technology?  Do you feel you did have a childhood before computers, cell phones and games came to market?  If so, leave a comment sharing your stories.

What did you do when you were a kid?

How did you spend your play time as a child?


  1. Yes, I have many memories of being a child without modern technology getting in the way. I would play in puddles, swim in back yard when it flooded, and play football using 2 backyards before fences were the norm.

    I would explore house under construction, and I played on dirt hills and in weeds. I would go into the forest near my house and spend all day there.

    I remember spending almost an entire Summer months in my unfinished basement building lego armies and spaceships, and playing hockey on the cement floor.

    1. Hello Chris,
      I was updating old blogs and noticed you left a comment. I too remember hanging out in an unfinished basement for hours playing house, doctor or building stuff.

      Thanks for commenting.